Horse Shoeing 

I prefer to only shoe horses if they absolutely need it. Oftentimes there are alternatives to driving nails into your horse's feet. 

Hoof Boots

HOOF BOOTS: We have a number of clients who have successfully swapped from shoes to hoof boots.

I can trim and size for any brand, however "Scoot Boots" have been recommended to me and they have an excellent return policy.

We do not provide the boots.

Prices vary.

Front Shoes

FRONT SHOES: Prices start at $75-$100* per horse.

This includes a basic trim on all four hooves, shoes on the front feet.
Minimal shaping will be done to the shoe and no modifications such as grinding out sole relief in the shoes.

Modifications will be an extra fee.

Full Set

FULL SET OF SHOES: A full set of shoes starts at $150* per horse.

Fully shod horses get a basic trim and all four hooves shod.

If you would like an advanced shoeing job with deluxe trimming, it starts at $250* per horse. This price may also be charged if modifications must be made to the shoes.

Corrective & Therapeutic Shoeing

CORRECTIVE/THERAPEUTIC: Horses with laminitis or navicular that require shoes will fall into this category.
Prices will vary from $200-$400 depending upon modifications/time/materials.
Specialized shoes (like bar shoes or wedges) are typically required for these jobs and the client will be charged for them.
Glue-on shoes are also considered therapeutic and will be charged as such.

Draft Horse Shoes

DRAFT SHOES: Draft horse shoes start at $150 for fronts and $300 all around. This includes no modifications to the shoes and only a basic trim.

* Please understand that my prices are subject to change at my discretion for any reason, at any time. The prices mentioned above are my base prices. You may be charged more for any of the reasons listed below. Thank you for understanding.

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List of Potential Upcharges


  • Fuel surcharges for certain destinations; especially if we don't have an established route in your area

  • You get off schedule for any reason and we have to make a special trip for your horse(s)

  • Untrained/Difficult Horse

  • Dangerous Horse

  • Hoof wall repairs

  • Supplies for atypical jobs (i.e. wedge pads, navicular shoes, equilox, etc.)

  • Shoeing 1 horse (no trims or work on other horses) $125 for fronts; $200 for all around on your basic shoeing.

  • Deworming

  • Modifications to shoes (shaping, toe clips, sole relief, etc)

  • We have to use our own feed/treats/flyspray on your horses

  • We have to catch your horse(s) and it takes more than 10 minutes

  • Increase in gas prices statewide


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