About Me

Justin Tierce

I have apprenticed under two extremely experienced and knowledgeable farriers to learn all that I know now. My apprenticeship lasted for a total of 3 years under an AFA Certified Journeyman Farrier, and another AFA Certified Farrier.

Since completing my apprenticeship, I have compiled 10 years of experience shoeing and trimming horses on my own. 


I can provide farrier services to any breed of horse or pony, under any discipline, however I do NOT do Walking Horse packages.  It goes against all my training to tack on packages that will potentially ruin a horse's natural conformation.

I will shoe gaited horses that are flat-shod.


I run my business with the help of my wife, who has been riding horses since she was a little girl. She has competed, given beginner riding lessons, and hosted summer riding camps while she lived in Florida. She helps with my scheduling and helps me with the horses.

We are based in Elmore, Alabama.

Meet Us

Justin Tierce


Laura tierce

My Wife & Assistant



Elmore, Alabama

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